Amongst all the BS we are selling ourselves this is the one that stops us the most from getting what we want to achieve.

‘I’m not ready.

I need another rehearsal, I need some more education, I need a diploma, I need some more information, I don’t have enough experience, I don’t have the money yet, I’ll do it when I’ve got my pension etc.

Meanwhile, life passes by.

Let me share an insight: We will never be ready.


There will always be things we didn’t calculate, that we didn’t conclude, that will take us by surprise.

When that happens, we are fulfilling our prophecy.

See, I told you!

But you know what?

The worst you can do is not to start. Then you will certainly not reach the finish.

That’s a given fact.

Before you know it, you are and from your comfy seat, you’ll daydream about what you could have done in your life.

You can tell your grandchildren the story about how you almost started a business, wrote a book, made a trip around the world, dated a supermodel, bought a Rolex or a sports car and you can tell everybody you have peace with yourself now.

Because those aren’t the things that make you happy…

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