Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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Deep down we all want to be happy, regardless of what happiness means to us.

We chase happiness throughout our whole life. Some have better results than others.

What holds us back is mostly ourselves. We think we are not worth it and ban ourselves from happiness just by thinking in a certain kind of way.

We find ourselves not pretty enough, not rich enough, not clever enough etc. What we have to realize is that happiness is in a league of its own. It has nothing to do with how we look, what kind of job we do or what degree we got from our education. These are the external factors which we are so keen of blaming for our lack of happiness.

As long as we don’t realize we have to find happiness within ourselves we will never find it.

But even more important is that we have to stop limiting ourselves. It’s fairly simple.

There is no limit on happiness. None!

Again, the only limit are we. We have to allow ourselves to be happy. It’s not as if we can steal happiness from other people. How is that even possible?

It isn’t!

There’s more than enough to go around.

So, let’s also stop the jealousy. There’s no reason to be jealous at people who are happy.

There’s even lesser reason to envy them. They didn’t take it from you. Instead you should use their happiness as an inspiration.

The right way of thinking is: ‘If they can do it, then I can do it too!’.

It’s funny how we always tend to explain happiness with external occasions. ‘Easy for them, their parents are rich’, ‘Easy for them, they’ve got money’, ‘Easy for them, they live in a sunny country’, ‘Easy for them, they don’t pay taxes’, etc.

It’s always them and never us!

Start looking at yourself and don’t let limited beliefs hold you back from happiness. Whatever you do, whoever you are, you can be happy! There are no exceptions to the rule. The only limit there is, is you. The moment you set yourself free from these limited beliefs and start taking responsibility for your own happiness, that is when happiness will strike you!

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