Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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Why is it so hard for us to find happiness? Could it be we are looking at the wrong places?

I think we do.

There is so much happiness to be found. But we can only focus on one thing. If we focus on all the bad there is to be found, we won’t be able to find happiness.

If I look for example at social media, I see two opposites. On one site I see people who are complaining, who are blaming politics, who promote racisms etc. On the other hand, I see people who are bringing humor, post nice pictures of their pets or family, who tell their story etc.

It’s not so hard to find out which of the two will find happiness. You won’t find happiness if you are looking at negative things and then afterwards blame these things you are so unhappy.

A third kind of people are looking for happiness in the sky, not realizing that it’s right in front of them. Why are you looking in the sky to find happiness?

Look around you!

There is happiness on every corner of the road to be found. I can assure you happiness does not fall from the sky. Happiness is around you, it’s around us and we have the power to focus on the good things that are happening. Trust me, there are as much good things in the world than there are bad things. Everything is in balance. That’s how nature works. You have the power to focus on the good things.

Isn’t that amazing?

Whatever you want in life, it’s there for you. You just have to look for it in the right places.

Don’t put your energy in negative thinking. We make ourselves crazy thinking negative about our lives, our jobs, our relationship.  Start seeing the good things, which you will find if you look for them. I am sure you will find your happiness just around the corner.

Just don’t give up after the first corner…

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