Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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I’m currently working as a coach. I’ve stopped using the word life coach. I am convinced that life is not there to be coached. It is there to live! However, coaching can help you get unstuck or speed up certain processes.

After an education as a teacher and some shitty jobs, I became a performing artist. This was my only job for more than 25 years, though I never thought of it as a job.

I was a clown to be exact!

The period I worked as a hospital clown gave me the inspiration and insight to help people get unstuck in life. It is the foundation for my work as a coach.

Using the same techniques as a clown to overcome challenges is sometimes hard to explain, I know, but it works! Even to this day, it surprises me.

Anyway, as a coach, just as in any other business you got to have clients. I take my coaching business seriously as should every other coach. Being in any kind of business for the wrong reasons is never a good idea. Especially if you’re in a business to help people.

Nowadays, social media is an easy way to advertise. Unfortunately, coaching is very hard to sell if you play it fair.

But marketing doesn’t always play it fair! And it’s not because marketing is an evil monster.

People want quick fixes and marketing is very keen to pick this road because the power of money always wins. Always!

It’s frustrating.

I’ve walked the same path as an artist, and I think in every industry people who take their business seriously are fighting the same marketing lies! It’s rarely the quality of the product that is marketed on social media. It is the promise of a quick fix!

Lose 10 pounds in 1 week, make 10k in one month, get a six-figure income, get a six-pack in six weeks, etc.

And we all buy it, moneywise and in attitude! Marketing-guys take the right pictures, graphics, and colors, you mostly see beautiful girls and boys on white beaches in sportscars and they use photoshop more often than the pope prays.

But now they’ve discovered that social media has so much more tricks up its sleeve. And they all play them! It’s magic, but in the wrong way! Magic is there to entertain people, not to rip them off like common street tricksters do with 1 ball under 3 cups!

I’m not saying they shouldn’t. It’s their business, and if they want to make money by doing that, it’s their choice. I’m only saying we should be smarter and not be tempted by it.

I am only suggesting a new way of thinking, realizing there is no quick fix! Unless some exceptions to the rule, perhaps.

Yes, I know, times are changing. Business models are being crushed but if you want to work on yourself, there is no short cut. You have to be willing to do the work.

How do I know?

I gave in to the quick fix more than once. It is tempting, I admit.

I can only hope that after reading this, you’ll think twice before clicking on an ad that you deep inside know it is a fraud, but still click it. I also hope that the importance of a coach is not to be underestimated.

The question remains: ‘How do you find a suitable coach?’ There is only one way. You have to talk to him/her. There has to be a click. The solution is often simple, but it will never be easy or it will never be a quick fix. Quick fixes, is like motivation. It doesn't last. It's like a hot bath. If you don't add hot water, it will eventually go cold on you. You are never there. You are always in the process.

So how do I cope with social media?

To be honest, I’m not. I’ve been posting things now for 2 years. The last few months even daily. Today, however, I got a reaction that made me decide to go on with it. Today somebody told me that my posts helped him on his road to recovery.

That's all I need.

If I can change to the life of one person for the better, I know that I'm doing something right and I will go on doing my thing, because I realize that now this person will go on and change the lives of others. It will for sure create a chain reaction.

If my messages are not photoshopped or covered with pretty boys and women I don't care.

I am what I am, and you will get what I stand for.

On top of that, all my experience will be at your disposal.

Sometimes even for free…

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