Updated: Mar 15, 2021

life coach Eddy Smits

Let’s cut the crap.

Everybody wants to be happy, spread joy, go through life as a hot knife through butter, and whatever more warm spiritual feeling you want to give it.

But the reality is different. Everybody has his or her own challenges in life.

Some perfectly cope with all aspects of life and other miserably fail. That’s life like they say, right?

But there is something to say about that.

During the time that I've been coaching, I am constantly asked for advice and insights which I am glad to give, but there’s a but…

On social media, I frequently visit groups about various themes concerning personal growth.

So, I experimented by offering some free coaching sessions and the reactions were to say to least very unexpected!

Yes, I did get a lot of interested people, but in the end, only one booked a call.

The thing that stroke me the most, is that there was a lot of messaging going on by these, so call interested people who all had a lot of issues. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning their problems. I have no doubt they have a lot of issues and I say this without any disrespect.

Anyway, everybody was asking what to do about their situation. In the beginning, I answered all questions which took me a lot of time, because I take these things seriously, but the longer the situation continued, the more I just answered with the link so that they could book a call. They seemed to have the impression that I could solve their issues by answering a few questions and that I would give them a miracle solution.

After they got the link, the messaging and questions stopped. They didn’t book a free call!

Why? People want a quick fix and too many people are therefore being ‘kept happy’!

They are being fed by memes, video’s from beaches and expensive cars, and life lessons from various coaches, gurus and spiritual leaders.

Let me, as a no-nonsense coach snap you out of your dreams.

Yes: ‘SNAP OUT OF IT’ and stop lying to yourself.

Grow up and face the truth!

You don’t become a cook by reading books or watching videos. You become one by cooking and feeling the heat. By making mistakes, picking yourself up, and improving yourself every step of the way. Other people won’t solve them for you. You’ll have to step up and do it yourself. Other people can only guide you. You can’t leave the dirty work to someone else.

Stop reading about life and start living it.

A good life coach will understand this, will be honest with you and if he feels you won’t take responsibility, he will stop working with you, instead of keeping you feeding lessons, insights, and advice to keep you hanging on by giving you a shot of ‘feeling good’ every time you have a session.

When we learn to take greater responsibility for ourselves, we become automatically empowered to overcome any challenge that life throws our way.

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