Why is money never a reason? To begin with. Money is a result and never a cause. Money is the result of work, investment, luck, etc. I want to talk to you about why money is the number one reason people stick to a job they don’t love or like anymore or never did. The majority of people go to work just to for making a living. Just for the money. They are paid at the end of each month and don’t give it a second thought. These are the ones who think that it's just the way it is and are fairly comfortable with it. They find themselves in some level of mediocrity that they live their lives working until their pension or when the time comes to stop working. Don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. You could however say that they are selling their life for money, but at the end of the day, that’s the choice they made. Several people, however, chose their job for the money. They made their decision based on the kind of money they would or could earn. If you’re happy with that, then there isn’t a problem either. Again, it’s your choice. And then, of course, you have the people who are happy at work. We don’t want to talk about them either, they are doing great. So, where’s the problem? The problem arises with the kind of people whom for whatever reason are not happy in their job. That’s the kind I want to talk about. Especially the ones who are unhappy in their job and drag themselves to work every day. They see the people I talked about before doing it but can’t find a reason to be happy in their job. They feel that there’s something more. They want to be fulfilled with their job. Some of them keep it up for a long time. Some of them their whole lifetime. And still, they have a choice too! It makes you wonder… Why? Money becomes a reason, not a result. They see it as some excuse to justify themselves on why they stay in that job. And it’s easy because nobody thinks more of it. It is well accepted that someone stays in his/her job for the money. Again. Why? You have the power to make a change. Why won’t you make the most out of it? You’ve got only one life. We shouldn’t accept this, because it ruins lives. Not only the life of the one who stays deeply unhappy in their job but also the people around them. Think about that for a moment. You, being unhappy at work doesn’t only affect yourself, but your family, your children, your friends, etc. Are you using money as an excuse or don’t you know how to get out of this life of mediocrity? You have the power to choose. Make the change!

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