Updated: Mar 15, 2021

open palms inscribed with the words yes and no

It all seems so easy. And if you look at it, it is.

Saying the ‘no’, a 2-year old can do it.

So how did we unlearn it? Why do we have this burning feeling to please everyone?

Why are we pretending to be someone else? Maybe it is because we are surrounded by all these people who are somehow fake. They go to work every day, earning money to support their family, but If you would ask them if they love what they are doing the vast majority will say they don't.

That they are doing it for the money.

That they have to put food on the table.

That they have responsibilities.

So the question remains:

Can’t they do it for some other reason besides money?

Can’t they put food on the table if they have a job they like?

Don’t they have responsibilities if they love their job?

Of course, they can.

Then why aren’t they doing it?

Saying no means much more than just the word. There is much more going on.

Saying no means, you know exactly what you want.

Saying no means that you succeeded in being yourself

Saying no means that you have taken responsibility for your own life.

There is so much more to it. The good part is that at any given time you can learn to say no. It isn't even necessary to say no. You won’t even have to say it anymore after a while, because you will get questions where you want to reply with a big yes!

If you want to say no, then you will have to take the reins in your own hands.

You will have to be strong, because it won’t come easy. Being yourself and making the right choices is a tough path. If anybody tells you differently then they are full of crap.

You need to be willing to fight what you stand for. It will get worse before it gets better.

You need to be willing to embrace the struggle.

You need to be willing to accept that being in the process is your new life.

A ship is made to travel across oceans and not to ride at anchor in a harbor.

Make sure you know where you want to steer the ship and all your no’s will become a yes!

Let’s start making these no’s into yesses!

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