Language is something we regard as something we use every day. We don’t even think about it. We underestimate the power of language. Language can block us, or it can be an excuse for not accomplishing certain things. Let’s check some words you better avoid. 1. probably. This seems a harmless word, but it can mean the difference between getting what you want and finding an excuse afterwards that you didn’t get it. When you use probably you are giving yourself an excuse for when things won’t turn out like you want them to turn out. Furthermore, the word actually prevents you from stepping up. 2 try. There is no such thing as trying. There is doing and not doing. To make this clear with my clients I always hold a pencil in front of them and tell them to try to grab it out of my hand. The first time they grab it super fast and they are a little surprised I didn’t pull back. But then I go. No, you have to try and I make them do it another time. Mostly they take the pencil again but much slower because I’m not pulling away and again, I say. No, try. Don’t take it. Then they get the point. They either take it or leave it in my hand. 3. Doing your best. You can either do it or not. You win a game, or you lose. Nobody cares if you did your best. Of course, you did your best. What else? Are you going to do your worst? Doing your best gives you a marvellous, polite excuse that why you didn’t succeed. 4. Wish. I wish I could do this. I wish I had more money etc. That is in my opinion one of the most terrible words you can use. Wishing is for stories and fairy tales. Start to replace wishing by want. Wishing won’t get you into action. Wanting will. There is nothing wrong with wanting. Stop wishing, hoping, trusting, praying, willing and start using words that empower you. The importance of words is highly underestimated. You can change your whole life just by starting to use different words.

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