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Your ideal career is about honouring who you truly are. 

Got 5 minutes? Take this quiz now to find out how you feel about your current job and see where you stand on our work happiness meter. 

That's not all. You also get a FREE personalized action plan on how you can make your career a direct extension of yourself. 

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Suzie, accountant

Taking this quiz was a gamechanger for my career! I realized how unhappy I was at work and that I needed to take action to change something!

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Martha, consultant

I love how this assessment asked me JUST the right questions to pivot me in the right direction!

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Michael, CPA

If you're on the fence about switching to a career you LOVE and can be your authentic self at - just take the quiz and talk to Eddy!

Do not waste yet another year of your life doing work that burns you out, leaves you feeling empty inside, or worse - slowly kills your dreams.

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After you take the quiz...


Shed some light on why you feel stuck at your current soul-crushing job and identify the ideal career that you desire with all your being!


Run your answers through the guided lens of a professional career coach and receive a personalised action plan to move towards your goals at shutter speed!


Take guided action consistently with a coach by your side to ultimately reach your desired state and THRIVE at a career which resontes with your being within 3 months!

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It's time to be clear about how to be your most authentic self through your work.

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