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Eddy was a professional artist for 25 years and performed for a very diverse audience.


As a hospital clown, he visited more than 10,000 sick and palliative children. To be able to do this work he had to become more than just a clown, display extraordinary leadership, and become an expert in authentic communication.


This led him to write the book ‘Model C’, a search into how the attitude of a clown can improve your life in all areas.


Since 2012 he has been active in the field of Personal Development, where he applies an innovative approach to coaching, using the techniques of a hospital clown combined with positive intelligence to increase Mental Fitness and leadership.


As a speaker, he touches your heart with his stories and wealth of profound life lessons and invaluable experiences, that delve into the human spirit's resilience and the power of embracing one's true self


As a thought leader, he challenges your ideas and shares mind-altering, simple, and sustainable ideas and perspectives. He strives to ignite the spark of creativity and passion within every listener, urging them to unleash their potential and embrace the journey of self-discovery.


As a former clown, he brings lightness and humor to serious topics.

Eddy creates talks for your event.


As a former artist, the stage is his home.

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Eddy Smits
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