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Eddy Smits


Answer this simple question:

Are you happy?
If you have
to think about the answer,

You are not happy.
It's that simple!

But what are you going to do about it?
The start of being happy is just one conversation away.
You have only one life.
Don't spend it with people you don't love.
Don't spend it on things that don't matter.
Everyone has the right to be happy.
Whatever you might think, you can be happy.
Let's have a conversation...


Do you want to live without fear, anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, insecurity, frustration and anger?

I'll teach you exactly that in The Model C Program

Model C Program (3-6 months)

  • Laying the foundation

  • Weekly video, daily exercises

  • Q&A calls

  • this is the first 6 weeks, after that:

  • Embedding

  • 1-1 coaching sessions

  • WhatsApp support 7/7

  • Simple techniques

  • Working on your Mental Fitness (see the video) Click here

  • Lifetime change!


In short, I’ll help you to become happy.

Worth a conversation?

Let's chat.

Eddy Smits
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