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HOW Can we improve our leadership by acting as a clown?

I was a hospital clown for 10 years and visited more than 10.000 sick and palliative children. During these visits, I discovered patterns in the behaviour of people.

I soon realized that the principles I used as a hospital clown could also serve me in my life, relationship, and business. There is more behind the red nose than a person whose sole purpose is to make people laugh.

As I started coaching, it was challenging to explain these principles, since most people have a wrong idea about what a clown stands for.

Another challenge was that people didn't take it seriously. Maybe you are also thinking 'What has a clown in common with leadership', and I understand that assumption because a clown has no authority at all.
But still, there is a lot we can learn about leadership from a clown. Simple and very effective things that will increase your impact on people.
Positive Intelligence is a science-based method that uses the exact same tools as a hospital clown. When we apply this to our leadership we get positive leadership.
It will increase your peak performance as a leader, improve your well-being and strengthen your relationships.

Contact me for more info and to discover all the possibilities.

Watch my TEDx talk.

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Eddy Smits
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