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connecting is the key(note)

Eddy Smits talks about how challenging it is for adults to connect authentically with children.
Adults think children don’t understand them, but the simple truth is that we don’t understand them and that’s where many things go wrong.
"I was a hospital clown for 10 years and visited more than 10.000 sick and palliative children. During these visits, I saw how nurses, doctors and even parents couldn’t connect and sat helplessly beside the bed of their children.

Connecting with a sick or dying child is the hardest thing there is. Sick children protect themselves by creating a bubble around them that is very hard to penetrate, even when you put on a red noise.

I discovered more and more ways to connect with newborns to 12-year-olds. It’s all about looking at things from a different perspective.

Realizing it had nothing to do with the red nose, convinced me to inspire as many parents, educators, pediatrics, psychiatrists, trainers, coaches, nurses and teachers as possible around the world.

Seeing children as the next word leaders implies that by connecting better, we ensure our future."

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