Model C

From 1998 until 2008 I was a hospital clown. For those who don't know the concept, hospital clowns visit children in

hospitals. They bring laughter where there is sadness, pain, and sorrow. I am convinced there is nothing more

heartbreaking than seeing your child in pain.

I believe that the ultimate pain is losing your child. I can’t imagine anything that is more devastating.

Most of the children leave the hospital soon. They have a broken arm, may have got some bacteria or minor operation

and will heal in a matter of weeks or months. Some children are fighting for their lives and occasionally the hospital

clown visits children that have only a few weeks or even days left to live.


I started wondering what kind of person you needed to be to do this job. You needed to be a clown, for sure but there

was more to it.

How do you need to reflect on life, people, the fact that innocent children die in front of their parents after a long and

hard struggle?

I reflected upon these rather serious issues and used them as a metaphor for life in general. How could these insights lead to a happier life or how can they lead to success? Being happy is the goal of all people. It is a search, a path that every human being has to take. Could the use of the principles of a hospital clown result in a happier life?

Turns out it can!


It was a turning point in my life. It took me seven years to figure out how important it exactly was. The seven years since I wrote the book were turbulent years. I lived by the principals of Model C and I was very lucky I had something to hold on to. It turned out to be, a very useful guideline. Without it, I wouldn’t have been the happy person that I am now.

I had to come clean and stay truthful to myself. I needed to dump my old beliefs. I needed to let go of a lot of principles which I thought were very important. In the end, they didn't matter.


A lot of people know they have to change. Letting go of your old life and beliefs is the hardest part. Once you are over this, it gets easier.

It is not that difficult to be happy!

Seven years living according to Model C resulted in so much more insight I can't wait to share it with you.

When I first wrote Model C, I used the principles only for myself. Meanwhile, I'm leading others to a happier life by coaching accordingly to Model C.


It is overwhelming what you can do using these principles.


The most exciting thing after writing the book was that I gradually saw several universal truths in Model C. I discovered this only afterward by reading about people who played a significate part in history. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali, Steve Jobs, John F. Kennedy, Henry Ford, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Dai Lama, etc.

I guess that’s why we call it universal truths.


The most wonderful thing was, I discovered it by doing this job which gave me a particular insight. I didn’t get it out of books but through the work of a hospital clown!

It gave me a tool to explain why these universal truths work. It gave me the power to translate them in a very understandable way so that everyone can use them.

There are many parallels between the work as a hospital clown and these universal truths.

The biggest realization of Model C is that these universal truths are stripped down to its essence for everybody to understand them.


The time is come now to lead others to a happier existence.


Through personal coaching I am achieving great results using Model C. Where before, I gave parents and children in the best case some hope by letting them laugh, I now help people in leading the life they want, the life which makes them happy.

Where the effect of a hospital clown was temporary, I now learn people's insights they can apply for the rest of their lives.

Being happy is a state of mind. You don't need to have anything to be happy. You can be poor, rich, sick, healthy, beautiful, ugly, broke, single, married, gay, unemployed …

There is no reason for you not to be happy!

And that's the main thing I realized during these past seven years.  People make it seem as happiness is a privilege for some people, but it isn't. It's not reserved for the rich and beautiful like we often think. It lays there for everybody to take and it is totally free!

There is more than enough for everyone in this world. I agree some people have to endure more than others, but happiness has nothing to do with luck or money or getting a good education. These things can be helpful but it's no guarantee for a happy life. Only your state of mind is.

Model C can be your guideline if you choose it to be.

You have to trust the principles of Model C. When you start living by them your life will turn to a happier existence. 




You only have to say yes, commit to it and let your ego at the door. Ego often prevents you from becoming happy.

Maybe we need the ego to run our business or to achieve something, but we don't need it to be happy!

You will be surprised how it unburdens you once you let go of ego. It is mostly the last thing you need to get rid of. It’s sometimes tricky, I admit. But you’ll have to lose it. Don’t let your ego stand between yourself and happiness. It’s not worth it.


'The more knowledge, the lesser the Ego'

  the lesser the knowledge the more Ego'

— Albert Einstein


You'll have to commit yourself, not to others, only to yourself! Don't let others lead your life. Choose carefully whom you want to be with.

Choose them with your heart, your gut feeling, and give them your unconditioned love. Don't hold back. Live life to its fullest.

Jump in every adventure and take good care of the people that truly matter. Don’t fool yourself. There won’t be many, even if there’s only one. That’s enough! If there are more, you are just lucky. Live your life like your cup is always full.

Stay away from people that aren’t happy, they will infect you.

Don't try to make them happy. It's their task, not yours.  Protect yourself from taking too much sadness of the world on your shoulder.

Love, breathe, laugh, and stay on the path of happiness. It is your choice to make.

Make this choice now and start acting like it. Surely you will lose some friends, but they weren't real friends, to begin with. Cut them loose and I promise you will find people that are truly worth being around. Believe in happiness, show it to the world.

By making yourself happy you will contaminate others. Spread the virus and never, never give up no matter what people tell you.

'Listen to your heart. It will know what's best for you long before your mind does'

— Steve Jobs

Try to become that child that doesn't know the time. That plays, sleeps, and eats whenever it feels like it. Don't say it's impossible.


'It always seems impossible until it's done'

— Nelson Mandela


Many people can, so what's your excuse?

Finally, I want to express that you really don’t have to agree with anything in this book.

It's your choice to believe or not. The past years are evidence that the idea's in this book will make you happy. I'm not saying it is the only way, but I am saying it's a 100% done deal if you make the principles from model C your own and start taking your life into your own hands.

Don't depend on others to make you happy.

Many people are having a hard time understanding how the attitude and principles of a hospital clown can help you in real life.

That is mostly because they don't know exactly how a hospital clown works. For most people, a clown is a dressed-up man or a woman with a red nose who acts foolishly. I get it if you don't look further than this or if you had never the opportunity to observe a hospital clown.

Just realize that there is a big difference in clowns like there is a difference in everything.

Both are cars but a Toyota and a Ferrari are two different things. It's the same with clowns. I can't ignore the fact that I experienced the universal truths through the eyes of a hospital clown.

If you can’t see the metaphor, don’t worry. I’m sure you will understand the universal elements that I will explain during the ‘Deep Dive’. But again, if you don’t get it, don’t worry.


'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear'

— Buddha


What does the ‘C’ stand for?

If you know the Model was developed bearing the attitude of a hospital clown in mind, you could think it's the 'C' of a clown. That's not even a bad explanation. That was the original thought. But there's so much more to it. Just as there is more to it when you see a clown.

If you think of it as a person who is dressed up it won't work. It has a much deeper meaning. If it's not the C of a clown, what is it? There is a saying: 'You have got to have a plan B'? If there is a plan B, we assume there will be a plan A. What about Model C? Is it plan C?

It is, but not in a way that it has been called upon after plan A and B have failed. Then it would be an extra backup. That’s why it’s called Model C and not plan C. Plan A and B are structured, laid out, and perfectly planned, Model C is not. That’s another reason why it is called Model C and not Plan C. The third reason is that Model C is always in play. It is always there when you need it.

There is no defined structure, just as there is no certainty in life. You can plan everything well, but life takes its turns and there is nothing you can do about it. You'll have to let yourself flow with the river of life. You can make a difference at those points where the river splits. These are your key moments in life. That's where we can make a difference in our life. It is never wrong or right as long as we learn from our mistakes.

It is always your choice and you have to take responsibility for it.

Model C is not about a plan. It is about the insight and knowledge you carry with you.


You can compare it with ultraviolet light. You can’t see it but it’s very powerful. Model C is what ‘chi’ is in Martel Arts or Yoga. It is very powerful and yet it takes no effort at all to apply it. It takes some practice, but you have to be convinced it works for it to work.

That's what Model C can be for your life. A powerful tool that will lead you to happiness and success. A force that can be learned by everyone by just using your thoughts and thinking differently. Model C is all about using your mind differently.

The only thing you need is an open mind. Throughout life, you've learned all kinds of skills, but most people didn't learn to be happy.

And that's strange because literally, everybody is searching for it.

Model C is a toolbox you carry and use when it’s necessary.

You'll use it instinctively. It's like martial arts. You won't use martial arts to start a fight, but should you get involved in a fight you will apply the techniques you've learned without thinking to defend yourself. They have become second nature.

You know it's there and you'll have to trust it to appear when necessary as it is with Model C. It is hard to explain just as it is hard to explain what 'chi' is just because you can't see it.

Think about the air. You can't see it, but we know it's there and we use it without thinking about it. We trust that it's there. And it is!




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