I didn't feel like I was making the most of my life.
I often found myself between half-finished plans and failed goals.
This caused unrest.
There were several things that I had to adjust in my life. Thanks to Eddy, I saw why I always bumped into the same walls. I have also learned to make decisions (however difficult that may seem at times) and I have realized that my chosen path is SO feasible. I was able to reflect regularly and I gained new insights.
Today, more than two years later, I am even further than in the initial planning of my ideas. Allowing myself to grow has given me many more opportunities and I can also fully recommend Eddy to everyone.

Walter - Educator.

I suffered from bore-out when I contacted Eddy.
At that time I was unable to think clearly.
Eddy helped me to organize my thoughts with the questions he brought to our sessions. He helped me to re-evaluate what's important to me and gave me confidence to make sacrifices needed to achieve a lifetime change
Gert - Copywriter
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